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Forage Pouch

Forage Pouch

My Forage Pouches are made of high quality, water and mildew resistant yurt fabric and leather. Pouch has a loop in the back so you can slide it on your belt (or a thin scarf for those of you who don’t wear belts). Small and compact when closed and quite roomy when opened. This fabric is tough and durable. These bags would be perfect for berry pickin, mushroom gatherin, moss collecting, plant clipping taking, etc etc. These bags are not just for forest treasures though, use it at a market.. riverside stroll for special stones, you get the idea. A 100% cotton drawstring easily cinches through the eyelets.

It has a snap closure both when it is open or folded up.

**This listing is for the folded up pouch in the first photo. The other pics are examples of what your pouch looks like being worn and opened.

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