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Owl Rescue and Cold Days

Well this was some unexpected medicine yesterday. This little one was in the middle of the road (55mph) for at the very least 45 min, on the double yellow lines,. We passed him on the way to the store and i thought he was a piece of trash 😭 He was still there when we drove by again so i pulled over because then I got a better look and saw the feathers.. thought it was a dead owl. It was indeed an owl but very much alive.

As much as i wanted to keep him and nurse him back to health and raise him and love him, and have him ride around on my shoulder while i did stuff..we did the right thing and called a wildlife rehabilitation center. One of the employees was only five minutes away from where we were when she called me back, it was all divine intervention. I’m hoping he was just stunned and will be ok. 🤞

So much owl medicine lately.. not only hearing them out here in the holler but also creating with them in mind. I’ll be listing these little owl hangings soon. Each owl is hanging below a deer antler tip. Hang it on your wall! Window! Rear view mirror (they have a clasp for easy hanging)!

I hope y’all are staying warm and cozy!

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